Chicken Pastrami

Health Roll with Chicken pastrami, Rocket, Tomato & Pickled Cucumber, Bulgarian yoghurt cup, Chocolate Fudge Finger or Rosewater Cheescake, Mineral water/Fruit juice

Classic Picnic Box

Selection of deli sandwiches, Chef’s quiche of the day, Double chocolate brownie, Brie with crackers, Seasonal fruit, Minreal water/Fruit juice

Glazed Ham Picnic Box

Hand-carved glazed ham with french mustard seasonal, Micro salad with olive oil & balsamic drizzle, Baguette with herbed butter, Double chocolate brownie, Seasonal fruit, Mineral water/Fruit juice

Chicken Burger Feast

Grilled Chicken burger with cheese and basil pesto, Cup cake, Health mix of nuts, seeds and dry fruits, Seasonal fruit, Fruit Juice/Mineral water

Oven Roasted Chicken Wrap

Kettle Fried Potato Crisps, Oven Roasted and Shredded Chicken with Julienne Garden Vegetables tossed in Basil-infused Mayonnaise wrapped in a Soft Flour Tortilla, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Double Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Ganache Frosting, Still Mineral Water or Fruit Juice

Chicken Avo Peppadew Wrap

Grilled Chicken, Avo & Peppadew Wrap, Basil, mozzarella & cherry tomato salad sticks, Cheese sticks.  Roasted Mixed Nuts, Double chocolate brownies, Mineral water/Fruit juice

Health Breakfast

Health Roll with Pastrami, Rocket, Tomato, Mustard & Pickled Cucumber, Ripe Camembert and Semi-Dried Fig Skewer, Savory Biscuits, Fresh Seasonal Grapes, Roasted mixed nuts, Mini cupcake/Chocolate brownie/Rosewater Cheesecake, Mineral water/Fruit juice

Roasted Chicken Wrap

Roasted chicken, feta, peppadews and avo wrap, Creamy herb baby potato salad, Roasted mixed nuts, Duo of deli cheeses, Savory Biscuits, Fresh Seasonal grapes, Milk Tartlet /Mini Koeksister, Mineral water/Fruit juice

Opa' Greek

Sundried tomato & roasted vegetables penne salad or Greek village salad, Chicken kebabs, Dolmades, Greek meat balls withHumus dip, Chiabatta bread sticks, Mineral Water/Fruit Juice

La' French

Traditional French Rillettes, Deli cold meat selection with mustard and gherkins, Duo of hand crafted cheeses with home made preserves, Mini French Baguette, Tzatziki, Roasted pepper, walnuts & chilli dip, Fresh strawberries, Decadent French Macaron selection, Mineral water/Fruit juice

Cheesy Meat Preserves Medley

Assortment of Breads served with Butter, Pimento Olives &Peppadews, Humus, Tzatziki, Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Assortment of Savoury Biscuits, Selection of Deli Cheeses with Medley of Fruit Preserves, Oven Baked Veggie Crisps, Mini Vegetarian Quiche, Salad in a jar, Choc Dessert, Dried Fruit Medley, Seasonal Fruit Skewer, Fruit Juice & Mineral Water

Mediterranean Feast

2 Mediterranean Breads, Humus, Turkish Style Tzatziki, Feta & Herb Dip, Dolmades (savoury rice wrapped in vine leaves), Medley of Organic Olives, Feta Cubes, Assortment of Greek Phyllo Savouries, Free Range Chicken Tortilla wrap with Humus, Mint, fresh Coriander & Roasted Peppers, Greek Salad Skewer,  Mini Baklava or Greek

Gluten Free

Nacho Chips and Oven Roasted Veggie Crisps served with Tzatziki, Cucumber Humus, & Smoked Snoek Pate, Variety of Salami, Parma Ham & Roast Beef served with, Organic Mustard, Peppadews stuffed with Feta, Selection of Deli Cheeses served with Rice Crackers & Gluten Free Savoury Biscuits & Home made fruit Preserves, Delicious Garden Sala,  Fresh Fruit Skewer, Chocolate Mousse, Sparkling Grape Juice & Mineral Water

Medley of Veggies

Freshly Baked Seed loaf served with Humus and Roasted Aubergine Pate, Veg Crudités served with Herbed Yoghurt Dip, Medley of Olives, 3 Local Cheese Platter with Whole Wheat & Water Biscuits and Onion Marmalade, Emmanthaler Cheese & Peppadew Skewer,  Roast Beef Slices with Dill Cucumbers & Mustard, Seasonal Fruit Salad with fresh Mint, Dried Fruit Medley, Juice & Mineral Water



All our picnic boxes include:

  • 1 decor item
  • eco-friendly / compostable packaging
  • cutlery
  • salt & pepper
  • serviette
  • special diets looked after


please refer to our ordering page for t'c&c's
for specially packed picnic boxes for your event or any other occasion please do give us a call
picnic drinks, extras, and picnic decor hire also available.

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