Lunch @ the Office

Their's nothing like an out of the blue suprise picnic delivery in the middle of the day!


Father's day 2015

After a succesful Father's day we would like to thank each and every one of our client's for their orders and messages of thanks. Our Father's day Gift boxes was a huge roll out and the Picnic boxes was packed with our new branded goodies. Giving thanks everyday for this wonderful opportunity to feast on our talents and provide every little item hand made, home made and done with enthusiasm and loads of love.

The Gifts


Mother's day 2015

This year was yet another succesful Mother's day roll-out and we are ever so thankful for your support, every order and thank you message that came through afterwards. Here's a sneak peek into our mother's day menu, the Gifts that was included and some pictures that was taken from one of our box orders.

The gifts




 a Special Birthday order

Based on our famous Mother's day Menu we made up a special Birthday box for one of our orders.


Valentine's day 2015

An just like that Valentine's day came and passed. The orders streamed in and we loved putting together something extra special and personalised to Valentines day. Thanking you for every order and thank you message afterwards.  Wihtout you we couldnt have done it!





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